About COSMO: Cosmo was made between the end of recording Given To The Wild and finished at the start of this year. It was initially intended as instrumental music, made to fill in time during tours as an exercise somewhere between trying some new things and just killing time whilst travelling. It has ended up as a collaborative e.p. with vocals from Jack Penate (also credited with co-production), Florence Welch, Johnny Bramwell from I am Kloot, Adam Day, Jessie Ware and Jamie N Commons. From the Maccabees, Hugo also features on backing vocals and Sam played drums across the whole e.p. 

Most of the music is kept from the initial demos, which we added to and recorded vocals both at mine and jacks flats as well as the Maccabees studio and Brighton Electric. The e.p. was made for next to nothing so huge thanks to everyone who helped it reach this stage, almost exclusively as favours. Special mentions in this regard to Jag Jago, Cenzo Townsend, George Bellfied and of course Fiction records for putting it out. 

It was fun to make and I hope you enjoy it in the same spirit it was made. There are little plans for it other than releasing it in as uncomplicated a way as it was put together.